Frequently Asked Questions

To place an order on the website go to the product page for the package you’d like. If it is a full gun build the slide work option will automatically be checked. From there you can add the frame package, trigger upgrade and/or sight upgrades down the right side of the page. Once you’ve selected the options for your build click the ‘add to cart’ button and your build will be saved to your shopping cart. Once you’ve finished adding your build and other products to your cart click the ‘proceed to checkout’ button to. From here you will be able to create an account or checkout as a guest. Once you’re in the checkout portal you will be able to enter your billing and shipping information, discount codes if applicable and finally your credit card information. Your payment will be immediately charged and your order will have been placed. Upon placing the order you be sent an invoice confirming the order and payment. Once you place your order you will need to ship your firearm to us with a copy of your invoice inside the package along with a copy of your driver’s license if necessary (see shipping details below for specifics).

Once your order is placed you will be responsible for shipping us the gun or parts that we will be working on. Please send the slide, frame or complete handgun with all parts installed. Once we receive your firearm with the attached invoice we will process the order and it will go into the production queue. From this point you will not receive further updates until your order is completed and being packaged for return shipping. If you have shipped us a complete gun or frame we will call you to schedule the return shipping as it will be sent overnight shipping with adult signature required. Once your shipping label has been created your order status will be changed to "Shipped" and you will be sent an email confirmation which will include your return tracking information. Your lead time starts the day your firearm arrives at our shop, NOT from the time your order is placed on the website. Current lead times are posted on our website home page. Please do not contact us throughout the build process for a status update if you are inside of your original lead time. Any time spent answering lead time questions is time taken away from building your gun. Any responses will be made at our discretion at our earliest convenience and in no way means we are ignoring you. 

Slide or other non-serialized parts: When shipping a slide or other non-serialized parts (No Frames/Serialized Receivers) you can ship via USPS flat rate or FedEx/UPS Ground. You will need to include a copy of your invoice inside your package with your parts so that we can properly identify that it is your order and parts once received. Slides and other parts will be returned via USPS with insurance.

Frame or serialized receiver:  If you are shipping to us as an individual without an NON-FFL you MUST ship via FedEx or UPS Overnight ONLY. NON-FFL’s cannot ship handguns via USPS. YOU MUST include a copy of your driver’s license along with your order form for our records. A $20 fee will be applied to your invoice if the necessary information is not submitted and requires us to contact you to obtain the additional information. The return shipment of serialized parts will be sent back to the original sender to the address listed on your driver’s license that was submitted with your order. If there has been an address change since your original order, proof of the new address must be submitted before your package will be shipped. Packages returned with serialized parts will be shipped via UPS overnight with full insurance and adult signature required.

You can send your frame or serialized part to us through an FFL local to you. That FFL will need to contact us directly in order to exchange the proper paperwork for the transfer. You are responsible for any additional charges incurred by your FFL for the transfer. If a gun is sent to us via an FFL the gun WILL be shipped back to the same FFL upon completion and NOT to your personal home address.

YOU are responsible for insuring your package when shipping to us. Innovative Gunfighter Solutions, LLC is not liable for lost or stolen inbound packages. We will return ship with insurance for the full value of the package contents.

It is YOUR responsibility to insure your package when shipping your gun or parts to us. Innovative Gunfighter Solutions, LLC is not liable for lost or stolen inbound packages. All packages return shipped from us will be sent with insurance for the full value of the package contents.

Ship all orders to:         

1280 Holden Rd. STE 101
Milford, MI 48381

Unfortunately No. Cerakote and other alike coatings will not strengthen nor treat the slide once milled. The black nitride process is required with all milling work other than an RMR cut ONLY. This is done to order to ensure the structural rigidity of your slide and is part of our quality assurance procedures. No exceptions will be made. 

Current lead times are posted at the top of the Slide Package and Cuts pages.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on all slide & frame work or any IGFS made products. Please send us an email to [email protected] with a copy of your driver’s license and Dept. ID. We will then provide you with a discount code you can use when placing your order. Codes will change at random to avoid misuse. If your code does not work please resend us your information and you will be provided with a new code. 

Custom slide work will be assessed on an individual basis. All custom work will be subject to its own lead time and costs depending on the requests made. Please you the Contact Us page to inquire about your custom build. We will need to know which make/model firearm you’re inquiring about along with a detailed description of what you would like done.