Guns & Tactics | Innovative Manipulation

By:  Steve Coulston

Steve Coulston introduces us to the works of Innovative Gunfighter Solutions, LLC, specialists at optimizing handgun performance in multiple ways from slide machining, trigger jobs and frame work.

For those of you that carry a handgun for on a daily basis you understand that your handgun is not just an object. You may be a soldier in Afghanistan, a LEO patrolling a beat, or a responsible armed citizen ready to defend yourself or someone else. Regardless, your handgun is something very personal and special. It is a tool, that you care for, maintain and spend time with. You train with it; you clean it and you make sure it is in good working order. It must function at a moment’s notice when there is no time for error and lives depend on it. The performance of the handgun is directly proportionate to the ability of the shooter. The most tricked out handgun in the world will not make you the next Top Shot Champion if you have poor fundamentals. Skill will vary from shooter to shooter, however there are ways to modify the handgun to help the shooter be more efficient in manipulation, shot placement and troubleshooting. Efficiency means a safer, faster and more accurate shooter. These are all good things especially if the fecal matter has hit the proverbial fan.

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