Duty Series CZ P10

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CZech out this new rad Duty Series Package for your P10c and P10f. This series has set features, while still allowing the end user some freedoms. The CZ Duty Series features a set of forward angled cocking serrations for optimal amount of traction during press checks (or the like). Shooters have a choice of adding a top front port or forward top serrations, RDS cut for a Trijicon RMR, and, for a limited time, a cover plate with our logo proudly displayed on top. Take your Czech beauty to the next level with this awesome package.

*The RDS Cut is currently only compatible with the Trijicon RMR. Please contact Customer Care if you have a special request for a different optic.*The cover plate is a limited time offer for web based (non-dealer) orders.

*This package is customer configurable and gives the end user the option to tune the package to their specific defense need. We ask that customers carefully build their new slide package while being cognizant of what cuts, or RDS cuts they are choosing. Some RDS cuts will fit multiple Red-Dots currently available in the market while some will not. Please read the options carefully before choosing.

*Work to be completed on customer supplied slide!

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  • Features include:

    • Front Bevel Serrations (Angled)
    • Top Front Port OR Top Front Serrations
    • RDS Cut
    • Cover Plate with Serrations and Logo
    • Cerakote Elite Blackout Finish
    • Dove Tail Cut Included


    * CZ P10c and P10f

*Work to be completed on customer supplied slide!


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