Hybrid Series Glock Standard Frame

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Our Hybrid Series slide packages are designed to be the ultimate expression of performance-based tuning on a handgun platform. We have factored in options that have been requested in the past by LE/MIL, Competitive shooters, and Training Instructors alike for a modified pistol platform. The Hybrid package highlights slide lightening for improved cyclic times, aggressive traction slide cuts, appropriately measured slide porting, and multiple RDS/Rear sight options. We have created this package to give the end user the highest amount of control in designing a performance driven machine. The Hybrid series is the best example of a platform that showcases a function driven design where form follows beautifully.

*This package is customer configurable and gives the end user the option to tune the package to their specific defense need. We ask that customers carefully build their new slide package while being cognizant of what cuts, or RDS cuts they are choosing. Some RDS cuts will fit multiple Red-Dots currently available in the market while some will not. Please read the options carefully before choosing.

*Work to be completed on customer supplied slide.

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Our Glock Standard Hybrid Series includes Improved Front Cocking Serrations, Improved Rear Serration, Full Bevel Package, Front Bevel Serrations (Angled), Lighten Recessed Cuts, and Cerakote Elite Blackout Finish. These options are compatible with ALL GEN 1-5 MODELS (Except (G42/G43).

Compatible with all Gen 1-5 9mm/.40/.357/.45 AGP Models

*Work to be completed on customer supplied slide.


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